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Assisted Living Store, Inc. is a privately held corporation organized in the State of Minnesota in 1999.  The company was founded and is operated by Kimberly A. Carlson and Thomas L. Carlson, husband and wife.

We also operate under the following websites:

2) PillowCase.NET
3) ElectricBlanket.NET

How did Assisted Living Store get it's start?

Kimberly A. Carlson, President, Assisted Living Store, Inc., vividly remembers working as a consultant for the "Senior Safe Home" project in Southern Minnesota. She visited rural senior centers to demonstrate "gadgets" to older adults. The "gadgets" included reachers, button aids, anti-slip rug tape, grab bars, and various other products that would allow older adults to stay safe at home, allowing for a more independent lifestyle.

Normal aging brings changes in vision, hearing, smell, gait, and balance. All of these changes affect the way we react to our environment. Simple home modifications and "gadgets" can help prevent the accidental fall or the need to have someone else help to put your socks or clothing on. Kimberly noticed that many older adults did not know where to acquire these products. She provided the needed direction to those that asked, but she could not find a "one stop" source for the products in rural America.

Kimberly got married and moved to Arizona where she was employed as the Wellness Coordinator for a rural county. She developed and administered a program that provided counseling, health screening, and educational programs to over 800 county employees. In this position, Kimberly again noticed that the rural population did not have the proper access to the senior help products they needed. In 1997 she returned to Minnesota and decided to stay home and enjoy her children, but she did not lose her desire to work in the field of Gerontology.

She also noticed that many caregivers and children of aging parents are often unaware of these helpful "gadgets" and how to access them. Many of the products do make great gifts ideas for the older adult who seems to "have everything."

Kimberly, with the help and support of her husband, decided to chase her dream and help older adults by providing a "one stop" source for senior "gadgets." She has contacted hundreds of manufacturers of senior friendly products and developed the Assisted Living Store, Inc.  She expects Assisted Living Storeā„¢ will become the "one-stop" on-line shop for senior products in America. 

Along with selling senior "gadgets" Kimberly also answers age related questions free of charge.

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Kimberly A. Carlson, President, Assisted Living Store, Inc., Gerontologist M.S., has worked in the following positions:
  • the President and co-founder of Assisted Living Store, Inc.
  • a consultant for the "Senior Safe Home" project in southern Minnesota 
  • the coordinator of the "Elder Leader" project in Minnesota
  • a grants writer for the development of the Minnesota Center on Aging
  • an organizer of the "Elderhostel" program at Minnesota State University-Mankato
  • a developer of the "Second Wind" radio show for seniors in Minnesota
  • a consultant for the Dare to Dream Project (make a wish program for seniors)
  • the Wellness Coordinator in rural Cochise County, Arizona
  • an Extension Educator for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, she provided training and workshops on financial management, nutrition, and limited mobility exercise programs for older adults

Thomas L. Carlson, Vice-President, Assisted Living Store, Inc., received a B.A. degree in criminal justice.  He spent 11 years working as a senior Federal  Agent where he conducted criminal investigations involving financial crimes and narcotics trafficking. 

He is responsible for website security, website design, marketing, product acquisition, importing and warehouse management.  He provides a secure and safe shopping experience for our customers.