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4 Tips For Staying Mobile & Aging Well

As little as a generation ago, it was a commonly accepted belief that a loss of mobility, strength, and independence was a natural outgrowth of aging.  Research into the science of aging has taught us otherwise.  Employ these 4 tips as part of an overall strategy toward staying mobile and independent for your entire life.

  1. Take Up Resistance Training - Studies into muscle growth show that on average, we start losing muscle mass at around the age of 30.  Muscle mass deteriorates at a rate of 1-3% per year, with a net result being greater risk of injury from trips, slips, and falls.  Fortunately, this trend can be slowed, or even reversed, with a regimen of regular, modest resistance training. Complex exercises using light dumbbells forces small muscles to not only life, but also to balance the weight, building practical strength.  This is one of the  best ways to prevent injury and maintain mobility as you age.
  2. Eat Mindfully - As we age, our metabolism naturally slows, which results in a need for fewer calories.  Failure to reduce your average calorie consumption will not only lead to weight gain, but also leads to increases in generalized inflammation through hormone changes expressed by fat cells.  Focus on a diet rich in vegetables, lean meats, and high fiber grains.  Choose healthy low calorie snacks to regulate blood sugar between meals and keep energy levels up throughout the day.
  3. Preventative Medicine Is Key - It’s a well-established fact that catching medical problems early reduces the risk of serious complications and improves overall health.  As we age, both the likelihood and possible severity of medical problems rise.  This simple fact only heightens the importance of becoming an active participant in your healthcare.  Find a doctor and build a strong relationship with them.  Having that sense of trust will give you the confidence to seek out care before problems become serious.
  4. Engage Your Community - Repeated studies have shown the importance of having a sense of community on overall emotional and physical, well-being.  We are social creatures, and being an active participant in your community provides a sense of purpose, and gives definition to your day.  Most people seek to redefine their lives as they move into their 60’s and beyond, and for good reason.  We already know that retirement is for the birds, but deciding to devote yourself to community service, or even a second career, keeps you active in everyday life.
Although things may have been different a generation or so ago, in today’s world, we expect to remain productive, active members of society well past traditional retirement age.  Fortunately, it’s a perfectly reasonable, easily achievable expectation, given a little mindfulness on our parts.  So practice these tips to help carry you forward to reach your goals.

This is a guest post article.  Greg Hayes writes at Live Fit Blog, where he provides information on fitting fitness into busy lives.  For more tips on how to boost metabolism, check it out!